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We Help Realtors

We help female REALTORS® with Social Media Management, Admin and System Set-up

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what we offer


Social Media Management


Transaction Coordination



why we do what we do

We're the Vaz Digital Solutions team and we LOVE Social Media, a good stack of contacts and a cluttered inbox.


We thrive on helping female REALTORS®️ exceed their own expectations, get organized and do what they went into Real Estate to do - Sell Sell Sell!

Here's our Philosophy

Find Solutions

Simple, straightforward solutions and strategies. Our mantra:

Everything is "figure-out-able"

Make Real Connections

Real estate is 99% relationships. We're all about building lasting relationships with our clients and helping them build those relationships with theirs.

Give More 

We believe in giving more than you receive


More Value

More Communication 

More peace of mind

Have Fun

Because people who laugh; live longer 

what they say about us

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Alice, Moore Business Services

Courtny, with Vaz Digital Solutions, truly impressed this one-woman-show. I needed assistance, and I needed it fast, I reached out to Courtny and she provided top-notch virtual support. She will FOREVER be my go-to, my virtual solution! 



Courtny is a prime example of a young communications professional who is set to be a real mover and shaker in the industry. Her creativity and determination to approach communications and marketing projects with a fresh perspective illustrated her ability to be a real leader. Courtny is a talented young professional who I would highly recommend, she will no doubt bring value and creativity to any company she works for


Tacicia, Beyond Black and White

I have had the pleasure of knowing Courtny for years! during which I've seen amazing character and personal development. She has exhibited grace under fire, awesome teamwork and leadership skills as well as excellent conflict resolution strategies. She takes time to effectively teach those around her, as well as empower others to perform tasks efficiently. Courtny is an exemplary individual. She is on her way to being an amazing communications professional. I look forward to working with Courtny on bigger and better projects


Charlie, Coast 2 Coast Real Estate Team

Working with Courtny has been a blessing. She is affable, organized, knowledgeable and a pure pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she is empathetic to her client's needs. When given a project, she can delegate, manage the back ends to organize systems so they are tailored to whichever field she is assisting a client with. She is timely, efficient and very resourceful. 


Vaz Digital Solutions is solutions-based communication and virtual assistance agency that is hyper-focused on helping you refine your passion. We specialize in virtual assistance, systems creation/set-up and content creation. Our motto is, if you're not happy doing it - give it to us. We thrive on efficiency and want to help all solo femprenuers reach their level of genius through perfectly fitted digital solutions.

Let's work together.

Let's get Digital

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